Professional Endeavors: Empowering rising juniors in ITA Madison to pursue tech careers

By Brenda Vazquez Carranza

Our brand new course, Professional Endeavors, took place in June for ITA’s rising juniors and we are so excited to share the highlights. Led by AJ Daughtry Krill, along with the support of student workers Miguel, Yee, Khaleilei, and Jeremyah, this week-long course inspired students to explore current issues in technology, identify their passions and determine steps to pursue their dream careers in tech.

A crucial aspect of Professional Endeavors was equipping students with the necessary tools to navigate the job market in the tech industry. Students learned how to create professional resumes and cover letters. Instructors provided valuable insights on crafting impactful application materials, showcasing relevant skills and experiences, and effectively communicating their passion for the tech field. This exercise not only helped students present themselves professionally, but also allowed them to reflect on their aspirations.

Another exciting element of Professional Endeavors was the opportunity for students to dive deeper into their tech interests. Each student chose a tech topic related to their dream career and conducted thorough research. They then transformed their findings into engaging presentations, where they shared their knowledge with peers and instructors. This exercise fostered critical thinking, research skills, and the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively. The enthusiasm and creativity displayed by the students in their presentations were truly remarkable.

While Professional Endeavors focused on professional growth, it also ensured learning about the tech industry and thinking of ourselves as tech workers was enjoyable and interactive. The lively atmosphere created an environment where everyone felt encouraged to share ideas, learn from one another and broaden students’ understanding of the tech industry.

Professional Endeavors was a tremendous success, providing rising juniors in ITA Madison with an invaluable platform to explore their passions, refine their career aspirations and develop essential skills for the tech field. Big thanks to AJ Daughtry Krill, Miguel, Yee, Khaleilei, Jeremyah, and all the participants, for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout the course.