An ITA Tradition: Senior Send-Off

As the Information Technology Academy (ITA) Class of 2017 students prepare to graduate the program, they took part in the Senior Send-Off. At this annual tradition, students share their post-high school plans, a favorite ITA memory and a few words of wisdom for younger students in the ITA programs.

For the seniors, the short talks become a moment to appreciate the enormous commitment they are completing as well as how much they have learned and grown along the way. For younger students, the Senior Send-off offers inspiring examples of how seeing through their ITA commitment leads to success in school, college acceptance, and life-long friendships.

Senior Send-off isn’t without funny moments (“Learn from my mistake – do not procrastinate!”), but many seniors shared heartfelt advice such as encouraging the younger students to take action if they have an idea or something they want to do, to take advantage of their support systems, to respect deadlines, to learn from failures by learning to pick themselves back up again, and to cherish their time in the ITA program.

Below are videos of some of the students as well as the full video from the event.

Full Video of Event: